Procrastination, a bad habit.


My father was honking the horn heavily and i was late as usual because of sitting overtime before PC. i had to take a leak but i delayed it for the cause of computer and now there was no time for it.

Reluctantly i had to grab my books, head straight for my tuition. Father dropped me for my tuition whose center was in the main bazaar, by then i could not hold my horses any more. I badly wanted to take a leak but the question was where? since i was wandering in the main bazaar and to cap it all, i was wearing a jeans, so could not even do it in a local way.
Most of us are aware of this technique of pissing in public while wearing salwar and kameez(type of clothes worn in sub continent) . One acquires a modified a squat position.The modification is done by expanding the knees a little outward like an adult sits on a kid tricycle and there goes a niagara falls.One must take this precaution into consideration that he must faces a wall.
To discover the public toilets in the main bazaar seemed to me like a mammoth work and indeed it was. Tilting my head to the end of every street wandering here and there. My attempts to find it turned out to be futile ones. At the eleventh hour i finally managed to find the toilets.                                                                                                      A few moments later i found myself behind the door of a toilet and heaved a sigh of relief. The door of the toilet was a small one and the walls too. Apprehension of being watched by someone induced me to sit like an amateur thief who is out on his first theft. There were quiet a few holes in the door and moments later i came to know that bolt of the door is out of order too so as a hobson’s choice i had to hold the door with my right hand. When i twisted the tap to get some water in the mug but peculiar gurgling sound coming out of the tap told me in its own manner “sorry! There is no water. I was already in a complex situation and it added more to it.
One way or the other i managed to come out.                                                                                               I missed my class in the wake

e of procrastination. I learnt my lesson. I learnt indeed procrastination is a bad habit.


16 responses to “Procrastination, a bad habit.

  1. it’s good dat u learned ur lesson… may dis lesson be da life time lesson foe u so u may not do such things again…. and i enjoyed ur blog… keep on writing pal…:) ‘d always do dis shit thing at ur home:D:D:D

    • yes, drjamm. you are right, we all come across a perplexing situation in our lives. i didnt mention the end if this incident in the blog, which is more interesting. thanks for liking.

  2. Make use of paragraphs. 🙂

    Doing good so far. “Emo’s Life”? Is that suppose to sound somewhat like “A Nerd’s Life?”

    LOL, just messing with you.

    • LOL ,yeah Ryan, i have some habits of emo and some of nerds too. Thanks for liking and the kind suggestion.

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