sing it out loud.

What does it take to sing well? A good voice, pleasant both in upper and lower notes that keeps other moving and makes their day, which also has a calming effect on them. Is that all? Is that the licence to sing?

Yeah, It maybe true for those professional in this field or an amateur at times. But wait for a minute, does that mean is it obligatory to have a good voice to sing and gets applause from the listeners for everyone?

The answer depends on whom you sing to. Suppose you are not good at singing and consider a situation, you are hanging out with a bunch of your friends. From nowhere a flux of excitement trickle down through your spine . This excitement maybe because of some beautiful scenery or the sudden change in weather or some anecdote of the past which came in your brain and has excited you. You automatically begin to sing out. You hardly sing few lines and you see your friends have bombarded loads of criticism onto you. In such situation, I think its better not to sing out loudly, which will definately be unpleasant for the listeners, even if they are your friends.

Take the opposite case when you sing to yourself in the mirror , then there is no obligation even if you are bad at singing . You can sing out loudly and you usually wears  the best smile looking into the mirror. You are happy and contented with yourself.That contentment is worth more than the applause you  get by the listeners  after you sing to them, so whether you are good at singing or not. Sing out, sing out loud to yourself.

One of my friend told me the ultimate happiness of life is finding yourself.  I am naturally biased over it.Take my case I am so good at singing that the listeners say it was good when I stopped. Does that mean I  should  stop singing. Certainly not. I sing to myself and make myself  happy and contented. That should count the most.


9 responses to “sing it out loud.

  1. as i used to do….
    when i want to sing no one can stop me. because we should sing for ourselves only…..
    xo can i sing a song over here 😛

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