somebody asked the soil
post rain,the secret of its scent
it replied without turmoil
my worth  of no cent

cluster of dust,i am
influx of rotten stuff
every feet is above my crust

rocks and stone, my ironical beauty

my secret of scent is clear
i have no scent of my own
its the flowers i bear
its the  beauty i hold
my company is beauty, so am i


Note: I remixed  the lines  of ” Sheikh Saadhe” with a little addition from

my side and gave it a shape of a poem. Those lines were in the great persian

language.My favorite lines.


5 responses to “Company

  1. Your poetry skill is emanated all of sudden or i am late to know that………
    but whatever keep going and keep it up =]

    • poetry has an unlimited power in it carrying an influx of histories of nations their culture in addition to set of ideas, vision; its domain is very vast and what is eccentric about it is the words it takes to express all that are very little as compared to prose writing. one metaphor and simile carries a lot in it.

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