About me.

“what said zatty! my character is undefined? that is absurd. I am a guy,
 the hero every story needs a hero”

Zahid Masood at your service. Yes true, true I am the hero of my story which
 began on 21 of September  1992.Being youngest in my family I have always
 enjoyed the privilege of beingone. 
19 CHAPTERS( years) of the book of my life have been completed 
and ALLAH knows how many more I am destined to. I am living my life in  one 
of the famous city of Pakistan,ABBOTTABAD perhaps very famous.:) 
 yes AMERICA! I swear, I have nothing to do with it. 
 At present I am pursuing a career in Engineering. Yeah, readers put 
your hands together for me. I THINK SO I BLOG. :
Being fond of travelling projects my quest for different culture, people
 temperament, ideology and lifestyle. An insight to their way of life,
inducing and deducing results and then comparing it with others is one
 of my favourite entertainment hour. you may call me an extrovert but 
for a good reason. moreover I try to bring conflicting ideas of people
 living in a same community into coexistence and thus prevailing peace.
 When I asked my two close friends to define me in few lines, one said
 "You are mostly bent upon improving yourself, without giving up, 
without fear. That is the best thing about you". And the other said
 "carefree, loving and a very energetic person who is very stubborn 
and does whatever he wants". Yeah, in pursuit of knowing myself, 
a good contribution has been made by my college physics teacher who had
 said it to me a thousand times over "nikaame aaddmi, kabhe waqt par nahe
 a sakte"( you lazy man, cant you be ever in time). Yes, I am a
 procastinator and not punctual but at the same time i know the
 consequences of being so and this is why I am only  so in trivial matters
there is no fun in doing work in time but the real fun is in knowing
 you have to do a certain work and keep postponing  it untill you slip 
and hit a floor.So this is me and lets have a handshake, 
since we are friends now. Right? You are not sure,well lets fancy we are.     

13 responses to “About me.

  1. no doubt Abbottabad Is a beautiful city….
    but I am afraid of its dangerous roads: no hard feelings
    xo zahid engineering, in which discipline???

  2. may your book have twists and turns and ups and downs and climax and anti climax so that when you are leaving this world and review your tale, you don’t regret a moment!
    zahid bhai has the admission uncertainty ceased or not?

  3. nice to meet you kid!…i like the way you write..it flows very n icely…even this about page…lol.

    you must be very spoiled. our youngest brother is too lol

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