Taking on a forbidden tower. part 2

Note: Do not read until you have not read taking on a forbidden tower.

After reading”Taking on a forbidden tower”,  Many readers are asking me this question “what happened next after the gardener took notice of  me’? I know, it is a valid one. Actually what happened next was not worth mentioning but embarrassing.But now here it goes. The authority grilled me harshly for it. I had to pay for it. They did not conduct my interview. They called my parents. Are you people thinking all that? Well lets see what happened. I came down  as quickly as possible, hardly escaping a great fall on the stairs.

While descending the stairs some cartoonish scenes were exploding one after the other in my  mind, like, upon reaching the ground the gardener who had seen me would have raised an alarm by then, amassing the navy seals for the stealth mode operation and  I will find a bunch of gardeners armed with prunes, garden shears, rakes and what not. It will be like catching a rooster and putting it back to the chicken yard.

And I will slip from their clinched fists, running for my life in a way captain jack sparrow runs.  Stop playing that mission impossible music zatty!  I was not enjoying this at all.

descending those endless spirals stairs in less than five minutes made my head spin. okay! I came to the last stair leading me to the ground and began to descend it and made myself mentally prepare for a great run.  I descended it, stepping on the broken glass broke the silence which had sustained after I kept standing still behind the entrance door of the tower. I with one of my eyebrow raised and mouth little open came out expecting all the yelling but none.

To my surprise no one was there to welcome me and congratulating me for doing such a great deal.  what zatty! I made a fool out of myself. I came down to no good, I remember what I  had said at that moment ” All in a day’s life; I could have stayed on the top for a little while but what now”.


7 responses to “Taking on a forbidden tower. part 2

    • yeah, i was expecting some real fun down there but none. total embarrassment. this is why i had not wanted to write the part 2, because many readers were expecting the suspense and when the read reached the peak of suspense level it dropped to zero when i found nobody down there. i could have add fiction to spice up the read but in that case it would have lose the touch of reality. so sadly i had to write what happened. but still i hope the readers enjoyed the twists and up and down in the story.

  1. this attitude of following one’s quirky or pranky whim has been quelled quite cruelly by our parents, school and society. whenever we feel an urge to climb such towers, no matter how insignificant it may seem, somebody tells us that danger awaits us. However, what we often get is a new view of the world, like GIKI’s beautiful overview. And no bloody navy seals are on the guard.
    Normally, we get good results, but if sometimes it goes wrong, then being Sparrow(or CAPTAIN Sparrow) helps!

    • yeah doing the forbidden has its bounties but consequences as well, to be faced, so we better begin with end in mind and think on the ways that will get us out in case we are caught for playing pranks.

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