The day you own.


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tick! tok! tick! tok! No, no I am certainly not listening to Kesha’s song but  as needle of  my wall clock swings; I am constantly looking at it. I am  becoming more anxious for the moment when I can finally say yes! it is my day. Yes, it is my birthday. Ten min to midnight and  my birthday till then let me discuss the feelings you usually carry in that course of time.

   Ten min      

You find yourself  a lot more humble, nice and decent to everyone than you usually are(please accept that)  and wears a smile without a reason.

Five min

You think for a moment who will be first to wish among your siblings and friends. Then you think about the one who had wished you in the first place on your last birthday.

Three min

You walk down your memory lane and think of your previous birthdays and recollect the memory of all the fun you had.  You plan how you are going to celebrate  this birthday.

One min

You imagine gifts wrapped in colorful sheets and speculate about few  what  will be inside them.

Phew, it’s finally midnight. I am getting texts one after the other each wishing me  birthday. I got my first phone call ( as i am alone in my room) and it is my sister two years older than I, who asked after wishing me if  she is first to wish? yes, indeed. Few min after I got another call that too from my sister but this time 6 years elder than I, who after wishing asked the same question if she is first to wish? Now what to do, to have her heart I said yes indeed. Now let us hope she does not read my post and that the two of my sisters do not tell each other that she was first to wish.


7 responses to “The day you own.

  1. you just told my story [‘cep the last para] 😛 Happy birthday! And you are not a teenager any more?! That is so sad! But I guess, that’s what life is all about, growing up! 😛

    • hmm so we met the same situation. 🙂 thank you for wishing. this birthday proved itself as my best one and indeed best day of my life and i have my reasons for that. Thanks to ALLAH!

  2. speaking truthfully i am not that much enthusiast about my b’day.
    undoubtedly i love get together and parties but my b’day party i just want to pass it soon because i hate being highlighted:P
    anyway stay blessed and strong for your life decisi0ns!

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