Français : Le Silence Allégorie de la solitude...

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Out on a roof in a cold night

My eyes fixed on a single star

Such a big sky and yet

So alone in space, poor star

I questioned its loneliness

My voice echoed followed by silence

The same it asked

One more time but a greater silence

How alike we were

Like a mirror faces another mirror

it on sky; I on earth

Both answerless and in vacuum


18 responses to “Vacuum

      • it’s then the fault of our perception. I believe we aren’t ever alone, when the Greatest God is equally for everyone and with everyone then whom else can we want!If this is loneliness then I think this is far better then to be in a crowd of fake people. you know just Allah,you and nature!!!

      • Yeah, true that and this reflected in one of the poetic line of “Momin Kahn Momin” (Urdu poet) saying
        “tum merey pass hothey ho goyaa
        Jab koi Dosra nahe hota”

        (you are by my side when no one is).

    • Yes, i have written it. Few weeks back a single star was seen on the sky near to the moon for many nights. it was my constant observation.
      thankyou! being you a good writer you know it well what good feedback means to amateur writers. it keeps us moving. A million thanks!

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