Tale of a poet.

When I am low and drowned

In crests of a mean society

I slip into my cocoon

I feel what they call vacuüm

I see what they know as dark

When a day tumult dies down

One by one and bit by bit

My words come to me

Each strengthens me

Each leaving me happy

More than a castle

More than bliss

And make me a  poet.

poetry words


6 responses to “Tale of a poet.

    • cocoon is a fibrous covering produced by immature insects, such as butterfky or moth to protect them during metamorphosis. In poetry it usually means to retreat as if into a cocoon, as for security from a harsh or unfriendly environment. So whenI am low and sick of harsh enviroment I take shelter in my cocoon and observe the society from a heightened vision and see what other dont.

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