Oh, mourn not dear heart

For your words are profound

Wait for your time and hold, till

Cherries flowers fall on ground

Little they know about you

so they did about Copernicus quest

let them relate to be as you

One who flew over the cuckoos nest

It is the trial that each must go

He who unveils secrets

which the nature  sow


7 responses to “Paradox

  1. superb one!!
    zatty you must also pen down the summaries of your p0ems & attach them with the respective poems or give us the links of them.

  2. Hey, Saw your comment on Pakistani Boy’s space. Wanted to check in on you. You’ve got a great page – site, actually. This poem brims with love. It’s excellent.

    And here’s to YOU for getting through shit. Sounds like you’re turning bad into good… 🙂

    • Hey thanks for dropping by and checking my space.Yeah people often call you crazy when you try to look at things from a different approach but I hold my own. I hope you will care to check on my blog in future as well. see ya!

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