Scary than a nightmare.

Exams, how this very first word has pinched you? I know it itches. Now you probably are not going to read ahead than this. No? Really? Okay then listen to what I have been through today. I student of BSc Electrical Engineering will remember this day as long as I breathe, when my first semester, first finals and first circuit analysis paper is taken.

                                       Okay, here examiner comes and hands over me  the paper. The very first sight of paper dawns on me that first three questions are not meant for us and that, one who has set the paper has done some mistake. These can’t be for us. No way!! I have not seen anything like these before. Or have I or others had?  I shrug. However questions which followed these look a bit familiar and I heave a sigh of relief. I have marked few questions. I pulled my socks.

                                            By now I have copied a very clear figure of circuit from the question paper to my answer sheet. Now what?  A question I was asking myself. No reply. Oh, it’s some messed form of the question. I simply can’t do it. I picked my scale and simply drawn an ending line below the figure.

                                               Now I have switched to the question about which I am sure I will solve  in no time. I have copied the question again and I have written few equations. Yeah!  What? Please not again. The question is subjected to tempering (crime which paper setters usually commit and they are shielded from the trial. I wish they would go under trial like players go for ball tempering). They teach us simple in class and ask very hard questions in paper. This is not fair. I am switching from one question to another but each question is tampered in a way for which I have no solution and neither it is in the book given to us. Is being an engineer means devising new equations and plots that too at the time of paper? I have flipped the question paper 5 to 6 times in a pursuit that maybe any question shows mercy, but none.

                                       With the help of ZAHID MASOOD’S (me) circuit laws, I am writing and I can feel the rush of blood in me. Oh, wow! I will solve all the questions. I am writing what I infer is correct. After tarnishing blank beauty of few pages of answer sheet, I feel slackened. Now I am kinda tired and laughing to myself over my funny equations which I have devised. Okay, enough is enough this untuned romance that too one day prior to valentines day with this ugly paper should stop now.

                                       The examiner is noticing me gazing out through the window of second floor of a building before which I am sitting. I rested my hands in my lap and now I am sitting quiet comfortable. He is coming. He asks “are you done?’ I am looking at my paper and in a quick short reply I say “Yes, with a paper and my brain juice too”. Thanks to the examiner for ending this truama.                            

                                                          As I walked out of  examination hall I was laughing and could not help myself. I don’t know why. A hard paper does that for you.  I noticed I was the first who has submitted the paper before the due time. I wondered is it only me who could not solve or others too. Anyways, the time is over and here come all of my class fellows. They are laughing too. One of them is shouting “somebody tell me the fee for summer supply papers. I will literally fail” another saying ‘Oh, God summers in Lahore, why me?” I am seeing a girl crying and yelling. Now I see a boy crying too. I see each class mate yelling. I am feeling happy to know it is not only me.  I see most of class fellows don’t know either to laugh or to cry.In 10 minutes, it was unveiled that in this paper each  of us is equal and none has done any better.You know in each university there are few Mr. Smith which are famous for the hot boiled papers they set and so were this paper set by Mr. Smith of our university. I am sure he has set such paper on purpose so maximum students repeat in summer.   

 This uniform situation of my class mates reminded me of the poetic lines of Dr. Aallama Iqbal

“Ek hi saf mein khare ho gaye mahmud-o-Ayaz,
No koi banda raha aur no koi banda Nawaz”

(This poetic line projects equality and draws back to an anecdote of a king and a slave, who were treated equal at that time.)



6 responses to “Scary than a nightmare.

  1. :xD
    unbelievable! pay thanks to Allah zatty because at least there were so many alike-situation-mates with you.
    think if you would be alone in this drastic situation:P:p:P

  2. Your post reminded me of my recent examination paper. Nothing on it resembled to anything we have read or study in the semester. But yea ppl shouldn’t act suicidal even if they gonna score a zero…what’s done is done. First time on yr blog n found it awesome 🙂

    • thank you for dropping by! yes, true that. I read few posts in your blog and found that our content is quiet esp on exam and this doctor and engineering thingy. check out my post “plea” and don’t forget my most liked posts.
      peace to you!!

  3. hahaha great picturization, you’re not the only onr bro, I walk out too sooner than the others too 😀 its better to be out than to face this mental torture 😛 and I know Mr. Smith’s real name too 😛

  4. Have to say, reminds me of a lot of recent exams.
    ‘Thanks to the examiner for ending this trauma.’ 😀

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