“what said zatty! my role is undefined? that is absurd. I am the guy, 
the hero every story needs a hero”

Yes true, true I am the hero of my story which began on 21 of September 1992.
 Being youngest in my family I have always enjoyed the privilege of being one. 
19 CHAPTERS( years) of the book of my life are completed by now and ALLAH knows how 
many more chapters I am destined to. I am living my life in one the famous city of Pakistan,
 ABBOTTABD perhaps very famous.:) yes AMERICA! I swear, I have nothing to do with it. At present I am pursuing a career in Engineering. Yeah, readers put your hands 
together for me. I THINK SO I BLOG.



3 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. nyc intro……clapping n gr8 applause foh yewr blogx……….where your blogx r availabl apart 4m interent????????i mean any other access???????

  2. ohhhh gr8 opt….:)….dun u think dax a small scale access……………ur maha blogx w0nt go very far??????????????

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