Taking on a forbidden tower.

Okay, so today was my interview in GIK (Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of engineering sciences) in the pursuit of engineering. Yes engineering. I know that sounds cliché in today world where there are influx of fields. okay zatty! stop giving me that look.   I am not after the trend but Engineer is someone I have always desired to be. I with my old chum left for university. The University was one and half hour journey from my friend’s place.  iconic scenarios, irregular ridges upon which clouds were casting its shadow, mud houses and a touch of rural life on both sides of the road we traveled, adorned our journey.

The smell of freshly mowed lawn welcomed us to the university. The university was big, green and beautiful. I reached the admin block where I came to know there were fifty candidates and my turn was pretty late, so I and my friend had ample time to ransack every corner of the university. Sadly I forgot the camera to have few clicks and capture some good memories. There are many things worth mentioning but the most exciting of all was the clock tower and the library. Though I got interested in it in the end but yeah the most exciting and adventures moment was mounting its stairs and reaching the top.

this is the real picture of that tower, and this pic has been taken from a great distance                                                            this is the pic of that clock tower. since it was took

                                                           from a great distance so it looks apparently small.

The height of the tower was 100metres. The length and width were somewhat equal and not more than 4 meter.  No one was allowed to go to the top. The door which was leading to the stairs of tower was locked but the door was made of glass which was fully broken by someone.  One could easily get through the door. This sight roused my appetite for adventure. I badly wanted to see why people are forbidden not to go in there. So, I stepped in and started mounting the spiral shaped concrete stairs. I had hardly mounted few steps that I realized the steps were very narrow and at great slope, making the climb difficult. The end of every stairs would lead to another. I kept on mounting the stairs for like five min and I could not tell how far I have reached, since the walls of the tower had s trip of one way glass running from top to bottom, through which I could not see.                 “these stairs are somewhat analogous to the original

                    stairs. sorry! I had forgotten camera”

By that time, I was thinking should I keep mounting or comeback, keeping that in mind somebody may have watched me going in and I will receive the penalty for entering restricted place. On second thought it appeared absurd to me coming back from the mid so I held my own and kept on mounting the stairs. As I was going higher and higher, acrimonious smell began to irritate me, and wondered for its cause.

The spiral concrete stairs ended and they were replaced by parallel run steel stairs, each leading to a new part of the clock tower. Before mounting those one I made it sure that they were firmly  fixed  by giving them a slight jerk. The increment in the pungent smell was tremendous and I felt the absence of air, as I was going higher.  In the third last part of the tower I saw three dead birds which had almost rot, causing smell.  Who did this to the poor birds? Nature or they became a prey of some animal, like snake or something. I got scared. Stop smiling zatty,  I got scared but  yeah a bit, not much.  By that time I could tell nobody had come this far in the forbidden tower lately. Should not I just go down, I questioned myself? No was the answer. On entering the second last part I felt the mechanism of tower in process and finally I entered the last part, above which was the roof.  The opening to the roof was cozy and hardly one could get through it. Fresh air and the streaks of sunlight were the bounties, the opening offered. It was a good sight.  Watching my steps from the electric wires and the clock mechanism I went for the last stairs, with each step I was feeling happier.

I finally made it to the roof. The view from it was awesome. I could see the university, its white buildings in lush green natural beauty.  I looked for my friend who was sitting on the footpath, waiting for me. He was wearing a red shirt, and from the height at which I was standing he looked like a tiny ladybird. Overwhelmed by the excited feelings, I shouted at my friend and waved towards him but I forgot gardeners were working down there. One looked at me and shouted” Hey you!” and I was like Oh, no!


Pranksters in pain.

In summers I along with my elder brother usually used to bunk the day nap violating the order of parents. For us it was bedsore activity   to stay in the bed for like an hour when we did not wish to sleep. who likes to do so when he or she is a child and so were we. We usually had placed a pillow at the center of the bed along with cushion with a little gap from the pillow at the center of the bed and hide this arrangement under the blanket, to dodge our parents and make them think we are under the blanket.

Today we followed the same routine we usually had  sneak through the only window in our room and made our way to the lawn. My brother opened the window and I was the first to go through it and now was my brother turn. My elder brother is bulky while I am super slim. I greatly applaud my body when I go through that tiny window of our room but for my brother it had been and is still a struggle.

Today he made it with great difficulty. He got stuck in the middle, half of him inside the room and half outside. I tried to pull him out but first attempt proved futile one  however on second attempt I pulled him with full of my strength. This time it worked but after a moment, I found myself being sandwich between the floor and my fatty brother which was lying over me like I am his mattress

I wished mom and dad had not been sleeping, I would have cried loudly but reluctantly
I digested it like tom does upon being hit with the hammer by Jerry in toe nails. Frisking my clothes, I climbed  my favorite plum-tree and my brother hauled himself on the one which was inclined and easy to climb.
our house is a big though construction side is small, so we have a lot of ROOM to cultivate. These two plum trees were the by product of this space and these were fully grown by the time we moved in this house. 
I hardly swallowed few plums and my brother still   deciding on which branch of a tree he shall sit, that I heard a sound like somebody has thrown down the bolts of our verandah door and indeed I was correct. Moments later my mother appeared with her favorite sandal with which she usually like to spank us, on this i and my brother said with a unison, “OH! CRAP”.

Mom with her heavy voice” Kashif! You are ten years old and four-year older than Zahid (me). You shall be the one refraining your younger brother  from climbing on the trees and you are doing so”. Kashif tried to say something but mom started again” Both of you get down and come here.I descended from the tree in a way one descend the stairs
briskly so that mom might think that it is not hard for me to climb and might spare me. She did not notice it. Kashif plucked  few plums and hid them in his pockets when mom was staring at me.
It was me who received the reward first. I said it is my last time I will not do so again” but to no use.
she whipped me on such a place where she could find meat the most on me and those were my butts. After having my reward I rubbed my rear on the marbles of veranda. MOM could have spank Kashif anywhere but she went for his rear as well. I DO not know why? Maybe its her way of doing justice. Kashif too copied and sat on the cool marbles. What a cooling sensation we had after sitting on the marbles. I wish mom had known, I can blog about it then she might had spared us.