The day you own.


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tick! tok! tick! tok! No, no I am certainly not listening to Kesha’s song but  as needle of  my wall clock swings; I am constantly looking at it. I am  becoming more anxious for the moment when I can finally say yes! it is my day. Yes, it is my birthday. Ten min to midnight and  my birthday till then let me discuss the feelings you usually carry in that course of time.

   Ten min      

You find yourself  a lot more humble, nice and decent to everyone than you usually are(please accept that)  and wears a smile without a reason.

Five min

You think for a moment who will be first to wish among your siblings and friends. Then you think about the one who had wished you in the first place on your last birthday.

Three min

You walk down your memory lane and think of your previous birthdays and recollect the memory of all the fun you had.  You plan how you are going to celebrate  this birthday.

One min

You imagine gifts wrapped in colorful sheets and speculate about few  what  will be inside them.

Phew, it’s finally midnight. I am getting texts one after the other each wishing me  birthday. I got my first phone call ( as i am alone in my room) and it is my sister two years older than I, who asked after wishing me if  she is first to wish? yes, indeed. Few min after I got another call that too from my sister but this time 6 years elder than I, who after wishing asked the same question if she is first to wish? Now what to do, to have her heart I said yes indeed. Now let us hope she does not read my post and that the two of my sisters do not tell each other that she was first to wish.



I walked in search of eternity but fell in a mystery.Now  tar is  filling my lungs, let it come in and have me. Suffocation, no air and no light, black bubbles seizing to nothing. Then I felt a cold skinny hand but  a calloused one. I took  it for my rescuer but it turned to be angel who had come to capture my soul. my soul fleeting with the angel to hell or to heaven, I am not a party to this question. By now my body would have touched the base of tar ocean, since its orientation was such, It was offering  least resistance.


How many of you can give time to yourselves. How many can claim that they give time to their selves or listen to the voice in their head? The quantity of such people is very meager but whoever they are, one thing is sure about them;  they are great and successful people!

myself, me. psycopath

For the last four-year of my life i had been struggling to find myself, to figure out the factors which control my contentment, to realize my own definition of happiness, beauty, love, luxury, success, dreams and so many more things undefined. To a major extent i have remained successful in finding myself, thanks to God.

Following are one of the few things that have had helped me in finding my true self.

I used to be that kind of driver of the car of my life that had always  looked at the rear view mirror of the car in the journey of life. Whenever a bump came in the middle of the road, i found myself crashing into the wind screen and lying desperately and helplessly on the bonnet of the car for the sole reason that I had been looking into the rear view mirror.  Then I would take out my tools which probably consisted of lamentations, guilt, regrets etc, repairing the mistakes of past, hoping to make the present good. And it never worked for me.
After going through the thick and thins of my life, falling various times and then rising again, i learned that  if i do not let the past overlaps my present, things go smooth and streamlined. The inability to move on is like a stagnant position and accept the reality that anything begin to stink after a while in a stagnant position.

The best thing is to rely on is you and yourself, and nothing else. If you will adopt this practice you can get through any kind of tough situation. Consider an activity that is going around you or you are among your friends or relatives. At some specific time you feel ignored and  left out. You desire the same what others are getting but you are not getting it. You will tuck your hands in the pockets of your clothes, looking at the sky or observing some thing on the ground or singing to yourself and pretending hard that being left out does not affect you.
But deep inside you are questioning yourself what did I do? What do I lack? There is no answer and these thoughts hurt as hell.

In  contrast to this if you are true to yourself and you know how to rely on
yourself, you will need not  pretend and you will escape these situations without getting hurt, which is so inevitable at times. And you will surely not feel being ignored or left out.
rely on yourself,
Besides being a noun, love is also a verb. We ought to show it. Keeping and limiting its canvas to the suburbs of our heart is analogous to the corked bottle of a  perfume.
The greatness lies in loving without keeping the intentions to be loved back. Similarly love yourself not just for the reason that you have accomplished a certain task or you have met  the expectations that relations have set for you. Love yourself for the sake of being you.

Do not grill yourself , if  you were expected to meet a certain criteria  you could not manage to haul yourself across. By grilling yourself you are only degrading your self-esteem and weakening your “can do attitude”, rather you should look at yourself trying your best.
So look out , look out for yourself and clear the window of your vision and thinking enough that you can see yourself clearly, where you know what is it that you are. Only so great the “finding yourself” attitude will let you mount the steps of success and yeah do not forget


Japan earthquake.

12th of march 2011,It will not be wrong to say that Japanese people on this day saw a flash of judgement day. Sendai, a port city in Miyag, all one could see were uprooted houses and buildings, loads of cars and ships including a train was swept away by gigantic waves of water in the wake of Japan’s most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. The death toll has risen from 300 to 500 in a single day and is expected to increase more.

people are in suffering and in deep pain.

I salute to the Japanese nation which showed a great display if discipline  in such difficult times. I believe they have the power to start once again.

I cannot forget the earthquake which came in Pakistan on 8th of October hitting the Northern parts of  Pakistan. I saw it since I live in northern parts of Pakistan. They say only the wearer know where the shoe pinches, i have experienced that moments. I feel a deep sympathy in my heart for Japanese and for those who are out there in trouble, i wish i could help in any way and serves the humanity but I can pray to ALLAH Almighty to subside their sufferings and losses.At this moment the quote of Terence can exactly define my feeling

I am a man, and whatever concerns humanity is of interest to me. – Terence

sing it out loud.

What does it take to sing well? A good voice, pleasant both in upper and lower notes that keeps other moving and makes their day, which also has a calming effect on them. Is that all? Is that the licence to sing?

Yeah, It maybe true for those professional in this field or an amateur at times. But wait for a minute, does that mean is it obligatory to have a good voice to sing and gets applause from the listeners for everyone?

The answer depends on whom you sing to. Suppose you are not good at singing and consider a situation, you are hanging out with a bunch of your friends. From nowhere a flux of excitement trickle down through your spine . This excitement maybe because of some beautiful scenery or the sudden change in weather or some anecdote of the past which came in your brain and has excited you. You automatically begin to sing out. You hardly sing few lines and you see your friends have bombarded loads of criticism onto you. In such situation, I think its better not to sing out loudly, which will definately be unpleasant for the listeners, even if they are your friends.

Take the opposite case when you sing to yourself in the mirror , then there is no obligation even if you are bad at singing . You can sing out loudly and you usually wears  the best smile looking into the mirror. You are happy and contented with yourself.That contentment is worth more than the applause you  get by the listeners  after you sing to them, so whether you are good at singing or not. Sing out, sing out loud to yourself.

One of my friend told me the ultimate happiness of life is finding yourself.  I am naturally biased over it.Take my case I am so good at singing that the listeners say it was good when I stopped. Does that mean I  should  stop singing. Certainly not. I sing to myself and make myself  happy and contented. That should count the most.