Oh, mourn not dear heart

For your words are profound

Wait for your time and hold, till

Cherries flowers fall on ground

Little they know about you

so they did about Copernicus quest

let them relate to be as you

One who flew over the cuckoos nest

It is the trial that each must go

He who unveils secrets

which the nature  sow


Tale of a poet.

When I am low and drowned

In crests of a mean society

I slip into my cocoon

I feel what they call vacuüm

I see what they know as dark

When a day tumult dies down

One by one and bit by bit

My words come to me

Each strengthens me

Each leaving me happy

More than a castle

More than bliss

And make me a  poet.

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Français : Le Silence Allégorie de la solitude...

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Out on a roof in a cold night

My eyes fixed on a single star

Such a big sky and yet

So alone in space, poor star

I questioned its loneliness

My voice echoed followed by silence

The same it asked

One more time but a greater silence

How alike we were

Like a mirror faces another mirror

it on sky; I on earth

Both answerless and in vacuum